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Record date : 1980

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
I Man
No Hiding Place
Valley Of Jeshosephat
Rocking Universally – Armagideon Style
Messenger Man
Give Jah Praise
Zion Town

Engineer : Errol Thompson & Crucial Bunny & Maxie & Jerry Lion & Ruddy Thomas

Producer : Willie Williams

Vocals : Willie Williams
Drums : Santa Davis & Anthony Benbow Creary & Derrick Stewart
Bass : Lloyd Parks & Jah Les & Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar : Carl Harvey & Bingy Bunny
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin & Tony Dread
Piano : Tony White & Bobby Kalphat & Jackie Mittoo
Organ : Bobby Kalphat & Tony White
Horns : Fitty & Demo Cates
Percussions : Bongo Herman & Bongo Gene & Willie Williams

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Summer Sound (Toronto, CA)
BAFCD048l dans Willie Williams

Playlist :
Messenger Man
Give Jah Praise
Zion Town
I Man
No Hiding Place
Valley Of Jehosephat (Extended Version)
Rocking Universally (Armagideon Style)
Messenger Man Version
Slave Dub
Give Jah Praise Version
Dungeon Dub
Zion Town Dub
I Man Version
No Hiding Place Version
Universal Dub

Comment :
Dubs mixed at Channel One, King Tubby’s & Summer Sound





6988 689357391

Record date : 1982

Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Master Plan
See You When I Get There
Armigideon Time
All The Way
Turn On The Power
Burn *

Producer : C.S. Dodd

Vocals : Willie Williams






Record date : 1984

Album style : dancehall, digital, ragga, solo vocal

Playlist :
Barry Brown – Shoot Up
Barry Brown – Next Door Girl
Barry Brown – Touch She Ah Touch
Barry Brown – Back Off
Barry Brown – Saturday Night Fever
Willie Williams – Loafers
Willie Williams – One Love
Willie Williams – Jah Righteous Reign
Willie Williams – Natty Natty
Willie Williams – A Child

Mixing Engineer : Peter Chemist

Producer : Sugar Minott & Steve King & Willie Williams

Vocals : Barry Brown & Willie Williams
Backing Band : The Black Roots Players & The Uptempo Players

Studios :
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 1986

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Noh Worry
The Elements
Active Positive
Armagideon Time
Armagideon Time Version
Repatriation Songs
Messenger Man
Messenger Version

Engineer : David Rowe & Bob Simpson & Lana Biggs & Crucial Bunny & Mervyn Williams

Producer : Willie Williams

Vocals : Willie Williams
Backing Vocals : Barry Llewellyn & Willie Williams
Backing Band : The Sound Mansion Band
Drums : Barnabas & Dennis Chunky Hutchinson & Cleavie Browne & Santa Davis
Bass : Clinton Fearon & Garry Lowe & Bagga Walker & Lloyd Parks
Lead Guitar : Larry White & Carl Harvey
Rhythm Guitar : Dalton Brownie
Keyboards : Dennis Chunky Hutchinson & Jackie Mittoo & Pablove Black & Tony Asher
Percussions : Scully Simms & Everton Youth
Drums Programming : Dennis Chunky Hutchinson & Bob Simpson & Lana Biggs

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Aquarius (Kingston, JA) & Music Mountain (Kingston, JA) & Jah Studio (Toronto, CA) & Classic Sound (Toronto, CA) & Summer Sound (Toronto, CA) & Great Shakes (Toronto, CA)





Record date : 1969-80

Album style : roots, dub, solo vocal, instrumental

Playlist :
Why 2k
Whish It Was Me
Prisoner Of Lonelyness
Flat Bridge
The Unification Part 1 & 2
Jah Quarious
East Of Tim Buk Tou
Stronger Strong
Give Me Bread
Unification Dub
Blue Color Worker
Black Beauty

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA) & Randy’s (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 197X-8X

Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Willi Williams – Rock On
Willi Williams – Loafters Style
Willi Williams – One Destiny
Willi Williams & Little Roy – False Talk
Willi Williams – Any Day Now
Willi Williams – Life
Willi Williams – Re-Patriation Song
Jackie Mittoo – Friends Of Mine
Willi Williams – Solid Rock
Willi Williams – Jamaican Roots Man
Noel Ellis & Jerry Brown – No More War
Willi Williams & The Drum Street Crew – Drum Street Special

Vocals : Willie Williams






Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
One Love
Jah Righteous Reign
Natty Natty
Words Of Knowledge
A Child
Don’t Let I Down
Rock On
Rock So
Trouble & Problem
Rockin Universally
Ease Up The Pressure


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