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Tony Tuff. dans Tony Tuff tony+tuff+meets+errol+scorcher+-+front

Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, DJ, solo vocal

Playlist :
Tony Tuff – Go On To School
Tony Tuff – Run Come, Come
Tony Tuff – You Wrong
Tony Tuff – Do You Hear
Tony Tuff – Hustling
Errol Scorcher – Dance All Style
Errol Scorcher – D.J. Power
Errol Scorcher – Please Mr Barrister
Errol Scorcher – Nowadays Style
Errol Scorcher – Roach In The Corner

Producer : Errol Scorcher & Tippa Irie

Engineer : Paul Stubblebine

Vocals : Tony Tuff & Errol Scorcher
Backing Band : The Revolutionaries





TonyTuff_Lp dans Tony Tuff

Record date : 1980

Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Don’t Follow Bad Compagny
Jah Almighty
Rumors Of War
Lovers Rocking And Skanking
We Want No War
I’m So Glad
Gimme Wha’ Me Want
Sweet Maureen
Now I Know

Producer : Mafiatone & Tony Tuff & King Sounds & Yabby You

Backing Band : The Gladiators





01_Hustling 3237

Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Run Come
Gwaan School
Little Miss Mary
She Skip
Dogs More Than Bone
Do You Hear
You Wrong

Producer : Errol Scorcher

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare






Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Born In The Ghetto
Try Our Best
Hold Me Tight
Kings Of Kings
Working Man Song
Rock Rock
Love And Unity
All Who Gone
Rocky Road
Groovy Situation

Mixing Engineer : Barnabas & Scientist
Engineer : Barnabas & Crucial Bunny

Producer : Tony Tuff & Sugar Minott

Vocals : Tony Tuff
Backing Vocals : Tristan Palmer & Earl Sixteen & Sugar Minott & Henry Francis
Drums : Albert Malawi & Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar & Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Fully Fullwood & Michael Ashley & Junior Dan & Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Noel Bailey & Bingy Bunny
Rhythm Guitar : Dalton Brownie & Bingy Bunny & Noel Bailey
Organ : Steele & Ansel Collins
Piano : Gladstone Anderson
Horns : David Madden & Deadly Headly & Saxrat
Percussions : Skully & Everton Youth

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)





Reggae+In+The+City+-+cover 516ABO6nUUL._SL500_AA280_

Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Hope It’s True
Wicked A Fe Run
Honnesty The Best Of Policy
Hello Good Looking
Tired Of This Life I Am Living
For Every Man
Roots Man
She Is Gone
Good Times

Mixing Engineer : Scientist & Jah Screw

Producer : Tad Dawkins & Jah Screw & Ranking Joe





Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Mista Know It All
So All Alone
You’ll Never Find
One Big Family
Take Pains
Show On The Road
A Friend In Need
Can’t Stay Away

Mixing Engineer : Godwin Logie
Engineer : Godwin Logie & Michael Campbell (UK)

Producer : Michael Campbell (UK) & King Sounds

Vocals : Tony Tuff
Backing Vocals : Martin Tatta Augustin & Naomi & Drummie Zeb & Clifton Bigga Morrison & Candy McKenzie & Roger Solo Guthrie & Tony Gad & Claudia Fontaine
Drums : Drummie Zeb
Bass : Tony Gad
Lead Guitar : Martin Tatta Augustin & Barry Vincent
Rhythm Guitar : Martin Tatta Augustin
Keyboards : Clifton Bigga Morrison
Flute : Michael Bami Rose
Trumpet : Eddie ‘Tan Tan’ Thornton
Alto Saxophone : Michael Bami Rose
Tenor Saxophone : Michael Bami Rose
Percussions : Roger Solo Guthrie & Martin Tatta Augustin & Michael Bami Rose & King Sounds & Clifton Bigga Morrison & Steve Choch Campbell

Studios :
Island Studios (Hammersmith, UK)






Record date : 1983

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Jah The Almighty
Dance In The Area
What Are Your Feelings
Back To Back
Big Bout Yah
I’ve Never Me
Hey Supe
One Side Love Affair
Come Fi Mash It
Nobody Like You

Mixing Engineer : Soljie Hamilton

Producer : Henry Junjo Lawes

Vocals : Tony Tuff
Backing Band : The High Times Band & The Roots Radics

Studios :
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)






Record date : 1984

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Trying Man
Sticky Wicket
Render Your Heart
Turn Me On
Feel Like Dancing (Raving)
Good Loving
Its Happening
Give Me
Sweet Mary Ann

Producer : Tony Tuff

Engineer : Scientist & Peter Chemist & Sylvan Morris

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA)






Record date : 1984

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Jam It Again
Haul & Pull Me
Take It Down Low
Wha We A Go Do
Gallop For Me
Girls Watcher
Come Lets Fall In Love
I Don’t Care What The People Sa
Sweet Reggae Music

Producer : E.J. Robinson





Record date : 1986

Album style : solo vocal, digital

Playlist :
Kick Up Rumpus
What Is This
Worries And Problem
Walk And Talk
Ketch A Fire
Shock Out
Just Cool
Watch Out

Engineer : Sylvan Morris & Django Timoschenko
Mixing Engineer : Oswald Palmer

Producer : Whitfield Witty Henry

Studios :
Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)






Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Rock To It
You Shouldn’t Do It
Sweet Memories
Can’t Get Over
I Need Your Loving
More Dogs Than Bones
It’s There Too
Save Our Souls
Go On
Girls, Girls, Girls

Producer : Tony Tuff & Tony Robinson
Arranger : Tony Tuff

Vocals : Tony Tuff
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin
Keyboards : Ansel Collins & Winston Wright & Tony Johnson

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)






Record date : 198X

Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Come Fe Mash It
Sweet Mary Ann
Trying Man
Sticky Wicket
Rock Rock Rock
Round The World
Turn Me On
Render Your Heart
Dont Take Your Love Away
Dance Pon Me Corner
Lovers Rock Style
Hit Run
The More We Are Together
Exchange No Robbery
Sound Clash
All Who Are Gone
Working Man Skank
Nobody Like You


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