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Roy Shirley. dans Roy Shirley 3260

Record date : 1976

Album style : rock steady, solo vocal

Playlist :
Rasta Love (Is The Greatest Love)
The Winner Parts 1 & 2
I Won’t Turn My Back On You
The Face That You Love
You Turn Me On
Unite And Live
Don’t Take Away The Sun
Crying Time





M48386W595 dans Roy Shirley

Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Love Is Forever
Take These Chains From My Heart
Get On The Ball
Money Can’t Buy Love
Read & Write
Music Field
In My Mind
Don’t Cry Anymore
Don’t Trouble Nobody Girl
Can’t Hide From Love

Comment :
no track order






Record date : 1967-75

Album style : rock steady, early reggae, solo vocal

Playlist :
Hold Them
Music Is The Key
Thank You
Touch Them (Never Let Them Go) [take 1]
Move All Day
Rolling Rolling
Keep Your Eyes On The Road
Good Is Better Than Bad
Fantastic Lover
If I Did Know
Good Ambition
Dance The Reggay
Bright Life
I Like Your Smile
Bright Life (Aka Think About The Future)
Golden Festival
My Bride
Roy Shirley & The Mighty Vikings – Flying Reggay
Roy Shirley & The Mighty Vikings – Prophecy Fulfilling

Freedom Festival
Roy Shirley & The Upsetters – On Board (Aka Ethiopians)
Roy Shirley & The Upsetters – Don’t Do That
Roy Shirley & The Upsetters – Be Wise
Don’t Be Afraid (Of The Dark) [aka When You're Young]
Roy Shirley & The Upsetters – Dance Of Love (Takes 1 & 2)
Who God Bless No Man Curse (Takes 1 & 2)
More Black Love
Wonderful People
Jamaican Girls
A Sugar
Prayer From The Priest [part 1]
Prayer From The Priest [part 2]
When You Are Young (Aka Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark) [1973 Version]
Melody Street
Tell You
Heartbreaking Gypsy
Bubble Up
The Great Roy Shirley, One, Two, Three Plus One [medley]
You Don’t Know (I Love You)






Record date : 1966-72

Album style : rock steady, ska, early reggae, solo vocal

Playlist :
Hold Them
Roy Shirley & The Uniques – Evil Love
Wonderful You
Get On The Ball
Music Field
Roy Shirley & The Uniques – Facts Of Life
Musical Train
Dance Arena
World Needs Love
Warming Up The Scene
Thank You
Joe Razor
The Great Roy Shirley (Medley)
Don’t Be A Loser
Jamaican Girl
A Sugar
Praise From The Priest


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