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Roland Alphonso. dans Roland Alphonso Ska+Strictly+For+You

Record date : 196X

Album style : ska, instrumental

Playlist :
Guns Of Navarone
El Pussy Cat
Ska In Vienna Woods
Love And Affection
I Want Justice
Flying Ska
You’re So Delightful
Ball Of Fire
Shame And Scandal
Man In The Street
Song Of Love
I Love You

Producer : C.S. Dodd

Horns : Roland Alphonso




Roll+On dans Roland Alphonso

Record date : 1984

Album style : digital, instrumental

Playlist :
Head Shot
Peplo’s Place
Revellation Time
Dark Red
Ego Trip
Gentle Prophet
Shank I Sheck
Star Track
Roll On
Tail Gate

Engineer : Douglas Levy & Bullwackie & Junior Delahaye

Producer : Bullwackie

Drums : Junior Delahaye & Clive Plummer & Fabian Cooke & Edmond Sylvester
Bass : Harold Sylvester & Tony Allen & Jerry Harris & Clive Hunt & Tony O’Mealy
Guitar : Junior Delahaye & Clive Hunt & Tony Allen & Jerry Harris
Keyboards : Clive Hunt & Junior Delahaye & Owen ‘Fox’ Stewart
Horns : Roland Alphonso
Percussions : Ras Menilik Dacosta & The Chosen Brothers

Studios :
Recording : Wackie’s (New York, USA)





Album style : early reggae, instrumental

Playlist :
Jazz Steady
The Hark
Stranger On The Shore
Jah Shakey
Born To Be Loved
Musical Happiness
What Does It Take To Win Your Love
Higher Sight
Stop The Music
Shelly Belly

Producer : C.S. Dodd





Album style : rock steady, ska, early reggae, instrumental

Playlist :
The Moon Gazer
Ska Bostello
To Sir With Love
Jazz Steady
The Ark
Stranger On The Shore
Rolando Sharks
Jah Shakey
Musical Happiness
What R
Higher Sight
Stop The Music
Nimble Foor
Now Or Never
Grazing In The Grass

Producer : C.S. Dodd





Album style : early reggae, instrumental

Playlist :
Tenor Man Trip
Up Fully
Mr Fashion
King Sax
Mack The Knife
Bumpy Skank
Hanky Skank
Sound Beam
Big Pa-Pa
Theme From The Bada
Tokyo’s Theme

Producer : C.S. Dodd


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