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Robert Ffrench. dans Robert Ffrench 3037

Record date : 1985

Album style : dancehall, dub, solo vocal

Playlist :
Shock We A Shock
The Favorite
I Love You
Cut Eye Cut Eye
Your Acting Strange
True True Loving

Producer : Ossie Thomas & Triston Palmer & Garrick Robertson

Vocals : Robert Ffrench
Drums : Squidley Cole & Style Scott
Bass : Christopher Meredith & Bagga Walker
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Leroy Badness
Piano : Robert Lynn & Steelie Johnson
Synthesiser : Tony Asher
Percussions : Skully

Studios :
Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA) & Music Mountain (Kingston, JA)




Robert+Ffrench+-+Wondering+-+front dans Robert Ffrench

Record date : 1985

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Give Me Your Love
Sweet Sixteen
I Am Wondering
I Can’t Finance You
You Are So Special
Heart Breaker
Roots Man Session
Dance Hall Session

Producer : Robert Ffrench

Vocals : Robert Ffrench





Record date : 1986

Album style : dancehall, digital, solo vocal

Playlist :
Frankie Paul – Ghettoman Skank
Frankie Paul – Bigger Than Jumbo
Frankie Paul – The Heathen
Frankie Paul – Steady Skanking
Robert Ffrench – No Modelling
Robert Ffrench – A Dance Without A Dee Jay
Robert Ffrench – Call You On The Phone
Robert Ffrench – Single Life

Producer : Ossie Thomas & Phillip Morgan

Vocals : Robert Ffrench & Frankie Paul





Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall

Playlist :
Don’t Let A Woman Use You
Let Them Talk
Settle Down Girl
Secreat Lover
I Realy Need You

Engineer : C. Bailey

Producer : Robert Ffrench & C. Synmoie

Vocals : Robert Ffrench
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Carl Ayton
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Donovan Belnavis
Lead Guitar : Dwight Pickney
Rhythm Guitar : Willie Lindo
Keyboards : Carl Ayton & Robert Lynn
Percussions : Sky Juice & Scully Simms

Studios :
Recording : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal, discomix

Playlist :
Tell Me
My Wife
Run Come
Time Is Setting Hard
My Arleen

Producer : Lord Koos

Engineer : Professor

Vocals : Robert Ffrench
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Organ : Winston Wright
Percussions : Skully

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 198X

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Anthony Johnson – Sitting In The Park
The Roots Radics – Park Dub
Anthony Johnson – Know Yourself Mankind
The Roots Radics – Mankind Dub
Anthony Johnson – I Want To Hold You
The Roots Radics – Hold You Dub
Robert Ffrench – Stop Spread Rumour
The Roots Radics – Rumour Dub
Robert Ffrench – Number One Lover
The Roots Radics – Lover Dub
Robert Ffrench – No War
The Roots Radics – War Dub

Producer : Jah Thomas

Vocals : Robert Ffrench & Anthony Johnson
Backing Band : The Roots Radics

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