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Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter).

Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter). dans Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter) 943 

Record date : 1975

Album style : roots, dub, DJ

Playlist :
Prince Jazzbo – Straight To I Roy Head
Prince Jazzbo – I Bust In The Name Of Jah
I Roy – Mr Benwood Dick
I Roy – Straight To Prince Jazzbo Head
I Roy – The Duke
Prince Jazzbo – Wood & Stone
Tommy McCook – Rock By Sir Dee Scorcher
Agrovators – Denham Town Dub
Agrovators – Jah Dub
Tommy McCook & Agrovators – Dub Incorporated
Agrovators – Version Satellite
Agrovators – Duke Of The Road

Producer : Bunny Lee

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo & I Roy
Backing Band : The Aggrovators





 dans Prince Jazzbo (Linval Carter)

Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Kick Boy Face
I And I
Hand Of Babylon
Nigger Is A Winner
Rebel Boy
Church Is A Rome
Far Star
Youth In Service

Producer : Bunny Lee & Prince Jazzbo

Studios :
King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)





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Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Dreadlocks Corner
Story Come To Bump
Natty Passin Thru’ Rome
Hold My Hand
Prophet Live
Ital Corner
Bloody Dunza
Weepin’ And Wailin’
Live Good Today
Life Is Gonna Easy

Arranger : Lee Perry
Producer : Lee Perry

Engineer : Lee Perry

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards & Anthony Benbow Creary
Bass : Boris Gardiner
Lead Guitar : Chinna
Piano : Keith Sterling
Horns : Bobby Ellis & Dirty Harry
Percussions : Lee Perry

Studios :
Recording : Black Ark (Kingston, JA)








Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Mek I Tell You
Get Together Brother
You’re A Boy I Roy
In Jah Jah Name
Jah Jah Version
War And Fighting
Hard Times
Love Potion Dub

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo






Record date : 1985

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Choice Of Version
Jah Dread
Dub From The Skies
Rock Forth Dub
Pepper Rock
Apollo 16
Take Over
Imperial I

Producer : C.S. Dodd

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo
Backing Band : The Soul Brothers & The Soul Vendors & The Sound Dimension
Drums : Carl Malcolm & Lloyd Knibb & Phil Callendar
Bass : Leroy Sibbles & Lloyd Brevett & Brian Atkinson & Bagga Walker
Rhythm Guitar : Hux Brown & Ricker Bacaka
Lead Guitar : Eric Frater
Piano : Jackie Mittoo & Pablove Black
Organ : Jackie Mittoo & Pablove Black
Horns : Cedric Im Brooks & Vin Gordon & Karl Bryan & Headley Benett & Roland Alphonso & David Madden & Herman Marquis

Studios :
Recording : Studio 1 (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Studio 1 (Kingston, JA)
Comment :
different mixes from Choice Of Version







Album style : early reggae, roots, DJ

Playlist :
Imperial I
Jah Dread
Fire Coal Version
Takeover Dub
Choice Of Version
Fool For Love
Rock For Dub
Dub From The Skies
Jah Dip
Apollo 13
Night Owl

Producer : C.S. Dodd

Comment :
see also Pepper Rock







Record date : 197X-8X

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Prince Jazzbo – Jamaican Collie
Prince Jazzbo – 333
Prince Jazzbo – Lally
Prince Jazzbo – Prince Jazzbo Rocking
Prince Jazzbo & I Roy – Live Together
I Roy – Bible
I Roy – Hard Me Hard
I Roy – Billy Goat
I Roy – Aids
I Roy – Country Man






Record date : 1971-76

Album style : early reggae, roots, DJ

Playlist :
Crab Walking
Wise Shepherd
Pepper Rock
Cankie Bine
I Roy You A Boy
Kick Boy Face
Plum Plum
Mr Harry
Gal Boy I Roy
Jah Dread
Every Nigger
Bag A Wolf
Natty Dread
Jamaican Killer
Wise Man

Producer : Prince Jazzbo & Glen Brown & Bunny Lee & C.S. Dodd

Engineer : Prince Jammy & Scientist & Errol Thompson & King Tubby

Backing Band : The Roots Radics

Studios :
Recording : Studio 1 (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA) & Randy’s (Kingston, JA)






Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, dub, DJ

Playlist :
Mr Funny
The Jazzbo All Stars – Mr Funny Version
Step Forward Youth
Black Is Power
Kick Boy Face
The Jazzbo All Stars – Kick Boy Face Version
Jazzbo’s Mercy (Aka Youth In Service)
Every Nigga Is A Winner
Prince Jazzbo & Rosey Davis – Crankie Bine
Let Go Donkey
Jazz Mazwhoto – Free Dub
Jamaican Collie
Wood & Stone
Sin & Shame
For Star





Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Step Forward
Plum Plum
Jamaican Kallie
To Be Free
Down West
Leggo Beast
Every Nigger
Rock Natty
Down In Babylon
England Cold

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo






Record date : 1973-86

Album style : roots, dancehall, DJ

Playlist :
Wise Shepherd
Blood Of Jah
Youths In Service
You I Love
Some Ah Dem
The Don
Eag Ah Wolf
Wise Man

Engineer : King Tubby & Errol Thompson

Producer : Prince Jazzbo

Vocals : Prince Jazzbo 






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