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Jah Lloyd (Jah Lion).

Jah Lloyd (Jah Lion). dans Jah Lloyd (Jah Lion) M20554W595

Record date : 1974

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Leaf Of Life
Under Ground
Deep Thinking
Christ Was A Blackman
Eternal Emotion
Roots Of Wisdom
Sweet And Sour Rhythm
Ganja Crop
Heavy Water
Ire, But Wise

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby


Soldier+Round+The+Corner dans Jah Lloyd (Jah Lion)

Record date : 1974

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Ganja Crop
Sunshine Girl
Knight Of The Round Table
Green Bay Massacre
Zion Dub
Psalm Two
Soldier Round The Corner
Channel One
No Tribal War
To Be Your Lover
Judge Natty
Zion Rock

Producer : Jah Lloyd

Vocals : Jah Lloyd

Studios :
Black Ark (Kingston, JA) & Randy’s (Kingston, JA)


Record date : 1974

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
King Tubby – Sharp Razor
King Tubby – Victory Dub
King Tubby – Herbs Of Dub
King Tubby – Theme Dub
King Tubby – Black Dub
King Tubby – Dull Razor
King Tubby – Tipper Dub
King Tubby – Walking Dub
King Tubby – Zion Zone
King Tubby – Raindrops Dub
Jah Lloyd – Ganja Crop
Jah Lloyd – Sunshine Girl
Jah Lloyd – Knight Of The Round Table
Jah Lloyd – Green Bay Massacre
Jah Lloyd – Zion Dub
Jah Lloyd – Psalm Two
Jah Lloyd – Soldier Round The Corner
Jah Lloyd – Channel One
Jah Lloyd – No Tribal War
Jah Lloyd – To Be Your Lover
Jah Lloyd – Judge Natty
Jah Lloyd – Zion Rock

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Producer : Jah Lloyd

Drums : Carlton Barrett
Guitar : Bingy Bunny & Alva Reggie Lewis & Chinna
Piano : Theo Beckford
Organ : Theo Beckford & Ossie Hibbert
Percussions : Bongo Herman & Sticky

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)
Comment :
Includes Soldier Round The Corner & Herbs Of Dub






Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Dread Ina Jamdong
Hay Fever
Flashing Whip
Colombia Colly
Fat Man
Bad Luck Natty
Black Lion
Little Sally Dater
Soldier And Police War

Producer : Lee Perry

Studios :
Black Ark (Kingston, JA)
Comment :
released under the name of Jah Lion





Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
St. Anne Collie
Special Request
The Humble One
Children Of Man
Time Of Weeping
Book Of Truth
Jah Lion
Upful Rasta Man
Dis Ya Sounds

Producer : Jah Lloyd & Bingy Bunny & Blacka Morwell

Vocals : Jah Lloyd
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Lead Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Organ : Errol Nelson
Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Horns : Vin Gordon & Tommy McCook & Herman Marquis
Percussions : Sticky





Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Greenbay Incident
Reggae Feeling
Black Moses
Rudy Come Back
Hold Them Natty Dread
Sounds Of Psalms
Sweat And Tears
Punks Reggae

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy
Engineer : Crucial Bunny

Producer : Jah Lloyd

Vocals : Jah Lloyd
Backing Band : The Revolutionaries
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar : Eric Lamont
Lead Guitar : Rad Bryan
Organ : Ansel Collins
Piano : Bobby Kalphat
Flute : Brother Huntley
Percussions : Sticky

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Reggae Stick
Forgive Them Jah
Girl Like You
Know Your Culture
Leggo Natty Hand
Cultural Education
Flood Victim
Dance Cork
Everything Crash
Soldier Round The Corner





Record date : 1983

Album style : dancehall, DJ

Playlist :
Life Story
Master Degree
Lots Of Loving
Fight Zero Wondelem
When I Went Away
Jah Say
Give Thanks
Everyone Happy

Vocals : Jah Lion
Backing Band : The Roots Radics & Revolutionaires
Guitar : Bingy Bunny

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)





Record date : 198X

Album style : roots, dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Ganja Rules
Batton Stick
Bird Pepper Dud
Baldhead Cock
Wooden Foot
Killer Dub
Bad Man’s Skank
The Weedman Skank
Sound Of Compassion
King Of Jadown




Record date : 1974-75

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Piece A Banana
Jah Lloyd & Bongo Herman – African Drums
Black Love
Blacka Love
The Mighty Diamonds & Jah Lloyd – Shame And Pride
The Mighty Diamonds & Jah Lloyd – Pride Version
Black Snowfall
Bongo Natty
Natty Come Ya
Psalms I
Rock Dub
London Dub I
This Ya Corner
Green Bay Massacre
Channel Two
Chapter Two





Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Dennis Alcapone – Me And My Father A Spar
Jah Lloyd – Guard Of Honour
Dennis Alcapone – Segregation Is Wrong
Jah Lloyd – Honour Me
Dennis Alcapone – The Earth Is Fullness
Jah Lloyd – Natty Bid Goodbye
Dennis Alcapone – Come Down
Jah Lloyd – In My Father’s House
Dennis Alcapone – I Want A Draw
Jah Lloyd – The Act
Dennis Alcapone – Be Good Brother Be Good
Jah Lloyd – Gold Mine
Jah Lloyd – One Black Man
Dennis Alcapone – Go To School
Jah Lloyd – Scarface
Dennis Alcapone – Poor Little Fellow
Jah Lloyd – No Surrending

Vocals : Dennis Alcapone & Jah Lloyd


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