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Clancy ECCLES. dans Clancy ECCLES front%5B1970%5D

Record date : 1970

Album style : rock steady, solo vocal, instrumental

Playlist :
Herbsman Reggae
Senor Judas
Black Beret
Sound Of 70
Hey Jude
False Neiah
See Me
Oh Tell Me Why
Fatty Fatty
Van Cleef

Producer : Clancy Eccles

Backing Band : The Dynamites


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Record date : 1967-73

Album style : rock steady, solo vocal, group vocal

Playlist :
Clancy Eccles – What Will Your Mama Say
Hemsley Morris – Stay Loose
Eric Morris – Say What You’re Saying
Clancy & Lee & Sticky – Cn Express
Clancy & Velma – Oh My Lover
Clancy & Claudelle – Two Of A Kind
Winston Wright & The Dynamites – I Did It
Larry & Alvin – Please Stay
Eric Morris – My Lonely Days
The Beckford – Easy Snappin
Busty Brown – Here Comes The Night
Clancy Eccles – Feel The Fhythm
Clancy & Velma – Let Us Be Lovers
Clancy Eccles – Deacon Don
Clancy Eccles – Don’t Brag Don’t Boast
The Dynamites – Tribute To Drumbago
Clancy Eccles – Fattie Fattie
Carl Dawkins – Rodney’s History
The Dingle Brothers – I Don’t Care
The Dynamites – John Public
Clancy Eccles – Sho Be Do
King Stitt – Fire Corner
Clancy & Scully Simms – Mount Zion
Clancy Eccles – The World Needs Loving
King Stitt – Vigerton 2
Winston Wright & The Dynamites – Mr. Midnight
Clancy Eccles & Chorus – Africa
Cynthia Richards – Foolish Fool
Joe Higgs – Don’t Mind Me

King Stitt & Clancy Eccles – Dance Beat
King Stitt & The Dynamites – The Ugly One
Clancy Eccles – Freedom
Lord Creator – Kingston Town
The Fabulous Flames – Holly Holy
Larry McDonald & Denzel Laing – I Fe Layo
Cynthia Richards – Conversation
King Stitt & Andy Capp – Herbsman Shuffle
The Dynamites – Phantom
Barry & The Affections – Love Me Forever
Westmorlites – Zion
Higgs & Wilson – Love That Builds
Clancy Eccles – Credit Squeeze
Barry Wilson – Live And Love
Clancy Eccles – Sweet Jamaica
Clancy Eccles – Unite Tonight
The Fabulous Flames – Growing Up
The Fabulous Flames – Hi De Ho
Clancy Eccles – Rod Of Correction
The Silvertones – Teardrops Will Fall
Clancy Eccles – Power For The People
Clancy Eccles – Hallelujah Free At Last
Glen Ricketts – Send Me A Picture
Clancy Eccles – Ganja Free
Clancy Eccles – Stop The Criticism
Tito Simon – You Can’t Be Serious
Third World – People Can’t You See

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