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Beres HAMMOND. dans Beres HAMMOND beres+hammond+soul+reggae+

Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
You Don’t Have To Lie
Oh Take Me Girl
My Whole World
Don’t Wait Too Long
Somebody Lied
Is This The Right Way
I’ll Never Change
Got To Get Away
Your Love Won’t Shine
One Step Ahead

Engineer : Errol Ross

Arranger : Willie Lindo
Producer : Willie Lindo

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : Cynthia Schloss & Cynthia Richards & Merlyn Brooks & Ernest Wilson
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Val Douglas & Art McLeod
Guitar : Clarence Weirs & Willie Lindo & Robert Johnson
Piano : Harold Butler
Synthesiser : Harold Butler
Electric Piano : Earl Wire Lindo
Organ : Tyrone Downie
Trumpet : Nathan Breckenridge & Jackie Willacy & David Madden
Tenor Saxophone : Cedric Im Brooks & Glen Da Costa & Carlton Samuels
Trombone : Joe McCormak
Alto Saxophone : Cedric Im Brooks
Flugel Horn : Jackie Willacy
Clavinet : Robert Lynn
Congos : Cedric Im Brooks

Studios :
Recording : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)



beres+hammond+Just+a+Man dans Beres HAMMOND


Produced by Joe Gibbs
Arranged by Willie Lindo
Engineer : Errol Thompson

Label : Joe Gibbs (JA)

Side A : Music is Positive Vibration, John Crazy, Do This World a Favour, Keep My Wheel Turning

Side B : Just a Man, I’m Lonely, I’m In Love With You, Let Me Love You Tonight


Record date : 1981

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
There Is A Song
Don’t Run That Line On Me
Love Delight
Let’s Make A Song
Masters Time
All Season Love
Oh I Miss You
He Is A Brother

Producer : Beres Hammond

Recording Engineer : Christopher Daley & Mervyn Williams & Errol Brown
Mixing Engineer : Willie Lindo & Mervyn Williams

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : Judy Mowatt & Mary Ann Raymond & Feres Walters & Prilly Hamilton & Pam Hall & Marcia Griffiths
Drums : Paul Douglas & Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Val Douglas & Boris Gardiner & Leebert Gibby Morrison
Guitar : Lennox Gordon & Dwight Pickney & Willie Lindo
Keyboards : Franklyn Bubbler Waul & Earl Wire Lindo & Harold Butler
Trumpet : Arnold Breckenridge & David Madden
Saxophone : Dean Fraser & Glen Da Costa
Trombone : Calvin Cameron
Percussions : Alvin Haughton
Congos : Steve Golding

Studios :
Recording :
Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA) & Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA)


Record date : 1983

Album style : solo vocal

Playlist :
Red Light
It’s Not Easy
Don’t Want To Loose You
Put Your Arms Around Me
Comin’ At You
Stand By
You Were There
Irie And Mello

Producer : Willie Lindo
Arranger : Willie Lindo

Remixing Engineer : Noel Hearne & Willie Lindo & Maxie

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : Pam Hall & Beres Hammond & Cynthia Schloss & Feres Walters
Drums : Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Derrick Barnett
Guitar : Willie Lindo
Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Electric Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Synthesiser : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Organ : Ervin Lloyd
Trombone : Ronald Robinson
Saxophone : Dean Fraser
Trumpet : David Madden
Strings Synthesiser : Ervin Lloyd


Record date : 1985

Album style : dancehall, digital, solo vocal

Playlist :
Teeny Weeny Little Loving
These Arms Of Mine
Lovely Day
If Only I Knew
What One Dance Can Do
She Loves Me Now
Starting Over
Someone Phoned
Till You’ve Got Love
Groovy Little Thing

Engineer : Michael Riley & Ruddy Thomas & Christopher Daley
Mixing Engineer : Douglas Grama & Willie Lindo & Michael Riley

Arranger : Beres Hammond
Producer : Beres Hammond & Willie Lindo

Vocals : Beres Hammond
Backing Vocals : Sherri Vuhri & Boris Gardiner & Beres Hammond & Pam Hall & The Tamlins
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Lloyd Parks & Gibby & Val Douglas
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Willie Lindo
Synthesiser : Robert Lynn & Mallory Williams & Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Keyboards : Robert Lynn
Piano : Gladstone Anderson & Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Horns : Nambo Robinson & Dean Fraser & David Madden
Drums Programming : Robert Lynn & Carl Ayton & Sly Dunbar & Franklyn Bubbler Waul

Studios :
Recording :
Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Aquarius (Kingston, JA)
Remixing : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & D & D (New York, USA)




Record date : 197X-8X

Album style : roots, dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Beres Hammond – Bubbling
Beres Hammond – Sunshine People
Beres Hammond – United
Beres Hammond – You Don’t Understand
Beres Hammond – Fundays
Max – True Love & True Dub
Beres Hammond – Set Me Free
Winston Powell – North Coast
Zap Pow – Reggae River
David Madden & Rad Dahni – Running Nowhere & Nowhere Dub
Pablo Paul – Respect
Pablo Paul – Don’t Dope
Dwight Pickney & Zap Pow – Wadada Carifesta
Ras Henry – Happy Come & Happy Dub
Zap Pow – Irieland
Herman Marquis – Take Five
Augustus Pablo & Max – August & Inner City Blues

Producer : Zap Pow & David Madden




Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
I’m In Love With You
One Step Ahead
Got To Get Away
You Don’t Have To Lie
Oh, I Miss You
If Only I Knew
Is This The Right Way
I’ll Never Change
Oh Take Me Girl
Your Love Won’t Shine
My Whole World
Somebody Lied
Don’t Wait Too Long

Producer : Willie Lindo



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